BUCM American Alumni Association


Jitao Bai’s alma mater, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (BUCM), is a prestigious university of Chinese Traditional Medicine, well known for her education, researches, and clinical practices in this area. While most BUCM graduates practice medicine in China, quite a few are currently working overseas. They apply their expertise and specialties help millions of patients outside China. The group of those in the North America formed their own professional association, named BUCM American Alumni Association or BUCMAAA, and mostly they are practicing under the category as alternative medicine.

Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - 北京中医药大学


BUCM American Alumni Association (BUCMAAA)



Like Jitao Bai, many BUCMAAA members are practicing Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chinese Herbal Medicine, or Nutritional Therapies. Patients may find BUCMAAA across the North America. Here is a partial list.

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