Instructions For The Use of Moxa Stick

This article presents the instructions on how to use Moxa Sticks. Please read and following the instructions carefully. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

For your convenience, you may also download the instruction file (in pdf format):

Moxa is composed of Mugwort plant. It is the best herb on earth selected by ancient China that can penetrate the heat deeply into the body to promote circulation, enhances the immune system, and promotes longevity and overall health.

Moxibustion, the burning of Moxa herbal preparation, has been used safely for thousands of years in Asian countries.

1. What you need

  • A stick or two of Moxa
  • A bowl to ash the Moxa
  • A glass jar with a lid that can close tightly to stop air from entering jar
  • Stove or lighter to light the Moxa stick; the stronger the fire, the easier to light

2. How to Use Moxa

  • Lighting

    Light the end of the Moxa stick with the stove or strong lighter. The Moxa will take some time to fully light. Rotate the Moxa stick slowly in the flame to light the whole end of it. Blow on the end of the stick to encourage it to light and aim to get an even glow across the head of the stick.

  • De-ashing

    Tap the Moxa stick several times on the rim of your ashtray so that any loose ash is knocked off. You should be left with a nice clean glowing end to the stick. It is important to repeat de-ashing when needed during the Moxa session whenever it appears that ash is building up, otherwise it will not allow the heat to penetrate fully into the body effectively and may possibly ash onto the skin.

  • Application

    Holding the stick like a pen, move it over the general body area suggested by your practitioner. Your body will tell you the exact area that you feel the heat can penetrate comfortably and quickly through the body. Allow the stick to come within a couple of inches of the skin surface. The recipient should soon start to feel warmth spreading out from the area being treated. If the skin starts to get too hot, back the Moxa stick off further from the skin but still be able to feel the heat penetrate inside the body.

  • After the moxa area absorbed enough heat, the point will close automatically and you will not be able to feel the warmth when you hold the moxa in that closed area. Generally this takes up to 20-40 minutes, then move onto another area.
  • Putting it out

    The Moxa stick will continue to burn until extinguished. Cover the burning end entirely in the jar with tight light which prevents air to enter with the burning Moxa.

3. Duration of Moxa Treatment

Moxa should be applied according to your practitioner’s instructions. Generally 30 minutes on one area. Everyone differs from the heat absorbing time of the points. You can stop the procedure at the time the point closes, which the heat does not have a feeling of penetration into the suggested area. Can take around 60 minutes for the whole procedure.


  • Never leave a burning Moxa stick unattended. Always have a nice big ashtray!
  • De-ash regularly while applying the Moxa. Make sure the Moxa stick is properly extinguished.
  • If you start feeling generally too hot, sweat excessively or at night, develop a great thirst or feel that the Moxibustion is affecting you adversely in any way then STOP IMMEDIATELY and consult your practitioner.

5. Suggestions

  • When performing the treatment, the recipient may sit on a chair and have a table for the ash bowl.
  • Use gloves in order to prevent yellow staining on the fingers.
  • Use a hair cap in order to prevent smelly hair.
  • The Moxa stick could be quite smoky and we recommend doing treatment in areas such as a backyard, a garage, or any other areas where the heavy amount to smoke are okay.
  • Open garage door to let smoke out. Recommended to do this procedure before bed or in the evening to prevent smoke from interfering with neighbors.
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