Pain Management

Pain Management

It has been proven that almost all pains, back pain and others, can be effectively treated by acupuncture. At Absolute Holistic Medicine, our acupuncture clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, quite a portion of patients come to us for their pain problems. We apply acupuncture and other Chinese medicine techniques as therapies for the pain problems. When a pain symptom is caused by an internal illness, herbal medicine may also be given to further treat the condition.

We found that the most common pain symptoms are.

  • Migraine and headache
  • Back Pain
  • Acute muscular injury
  • Arthritis pain
  • Bone spurs
  • Pain from stomach, colon and other digestive organs
  • Chronic pain and stiffness in neck, shoulder, arms, back, knees, feet, etc
  • Pain from auto accidents and sports related injuries
  • Pain from endometriosis, PMS and fibroids

We treat all other pain symptoms also. If your pain symptom is not listed above, just call us at (770) 393-9090. We can let you know what we can do to treat your pain issues. Feel free to browser our website to see our Services and our Forms, check out how we treated other patients. Our website has a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to present more information on how acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are used to treat pains, along with other health conditions.


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